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If you don't see the service you require, contact our office. Our helpful and knowledgeable Louisiana Private Investigators will be pleased to discuss your needs. In some cases, we may refer you to one of our associates who provide the specific service you require. Call Hyatt Investigations, LLC of Lake Charles Today Since 1979!

✣ Adultery & Cheating Spouses Investigations

Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful?

Are you afraid of contracting an STD?

Do you spend sleepless nights lying awake wondering where they are?

Would you like photo and video evidence which cannot be denied?

Do you feel like you are all alone in this struggle?

You are not alone! There are many people who have experienced these same emotions and they often feel alone during this stressful time in life. The bottom line is that living in a situation where you suspect your husband or wife of cheating is not the way to live. By hiring a private investigator at Hyatt Investigations, LLC you gain peace of mind by knowing all the facts, so you can move on with your life, with or without them. Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are right. If you have suspicions, call us today and gain "peace of mind by knowing all the facts."

✣ Attorney Referral Services

Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody

Jamie B. Bice

721 Kirby Street,

P.O. Box 2125

Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601-2125,

Phone: (337) 310-1600 1 (800) 300-8680

Litigation & Personal Injury

Michael Glenn Hodkins

721 Kirby Street,

P.O. Box 2125

Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601-2125,

Phone: (337) 310-1600 1 (800) 300-8680

Criminal Defense: DWI, DUI, Drug Offenses, Traffic

Fred C. Lebleu III Attorney at Law, L.L.C.

2917 Ryan St.

Lake Charles, LA

Phone: (337) 433-8504

General, Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

Sarah Norwood Trouard

144 Napoleon St

Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5714

Phone: (225) 343-8024

Injuries: Personal Injury & Workers Comp

Jamie C. Gary

660 Saint Ferdinand St.

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Phone: (225) 330-6678

✣ Child Custody Investigations

Is Your child being Abused, Neglected, at Risk, or in Danger? 

Would you like photo and video evidence which cannot be denied?

In a custody fight, it is your responsibility to provide proof for your accusations. An examination into the custody situation can help a judge determine the best possible placement for your child. A child custody investigation is the best decision you can make for the child if you suspect a child's safety is potentially at risk. Hyatt Investigation, LLC will help you discover all the reasons the primary custodian should not be the guardian of your child. Some reasons for hiring a private investigator include suspected physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by the legal guardian or by the person the legal guardian is dating. A child being exposed to the abuse of a guardian or parent should also be examined. Additional grounds for a child custody investigation consist of possibility of neglect, drug or alcohol abuse by a parent or guardian, brain-washing, parental separation, manipulations, or the inability to take care of the child. Hyatt Investigations, LLC also believes in the father's rights movement, and will help uphold the reasons you should have visitations, joint custody, or sole custody. Our clients can expect the immediate attention of their concerns. An investigator will be put on the case immediately. Child custody cases are sensitive projects. If your suspicions are correct, a child is neglected, put at risk, or in danger. If your concerns are incorrect, then the child is not affected at all because we can provide our services discreetly and covertly. Hyatt Investigations, LLC presents our clients with peace of mind and unrivaled confidentiality. We are a understanding company who always puts the needs of the child in question first.

✣ Courthouse Searches & Filing

We perform Courthouse Searches, Filing, Public Records Retrieval, and Database searches; which including the following Liens/Judgments, People at work, Driver Licenses, Property, FAA Pilots, Professional Licenses, Voter Registration, Concealed Weapons Permits, Relatives (7 Degrees), Criminal Records, Bankruptcy, UCC Filings, Phones Information, Vehicle Registrations, Watercraft, FAA Aircraft, Florida Accidents, Hunting/Fishing Permits, Associates, Neighbors, Sexual Offenders, Address information, Assets, Aliases, SSN information, Corporate Affiliations, Liens and Judgments, Death records, Marriage and divorce records, Federal, state and county level criminal records, Date of birth.

✣ Executive House Sitting

We provide staff to look after your home, property and or premises, while you are away on holiday, business or at work. We provide these services either on a 24hr basis or whatever hours you feel your property may be at risk and vulnerable to attracting criminals, squatters or trespassers. Our Clientele mainly consists of Clients, who by the very publicized nature of their work and whereabouts, for example, T.V. / Media Personalities, Celebrities etc.. use this service as well as Business Executives and private individuals who leave their domiciles un-attended for noticeable periods of time. Calling us today will greatly reduce the risk, and give you the peace of mind that your property and possessions are secure and well looked after in your absence. Needless to say this service is approached with the utmost confidentiality by our staff. We are Licensed and Insured.

✣ GPS (Real Time Tracking)


-No long term contract

-No airtime fees

-No extra charges

-Flat Fee

-End the uncertainty reguarding a spouse's activity

-Keep Track During His Fishing Trip or Her Day at the Spa

-Make Your Teen Accountable for His/Her Driving Habits

-Take Control of Your Situation and End the Uncertainty

✣ Insurance Defense & Personal Injury & Worker Comp


The personal injury, workers comp, and disability investigator maintains an increasingly important role in modern day life. Unfortunately, people do have accidents and the consequences of which can be devastating. Any liability needs to be established through effective investigation prior to the settlement of any subsequent claim. Fraudulent claims are however also increasingly common. Insurance companies, for example, depend upon investigators to identify such fraudulent activity to protect their interests. The range of clients for a personal injury, workers comp, and disability investigator can therefore vary from an individual to attorneys to very large organizations such as insurance companies. If you currently have a personal injury, workers comp, and or disability case (Neck, Back Injury, Leg Injury) and the claimant is claiming that they cannot lift heavy objects and are not currently working, let us investigate otherwise. We can inform you if heavy lifting is being done on the weekends, if they are working under the table and are not disclosing their earnings.

✣ Loss Prevention or Theft

✣ Mobile Notary Services

We offer the following notary services to individuals, businesses, attorneys, organizations, lenders, and title companies: Affidavits, Title Transfers, Acknowledgments, Power of Attorney, Donations, and Weddings. We will travel to your home, office, hospital, airport, restaurant or any other convenient location in Calcaseiu, Cameron, and Beaurguard Parishes. Proper ID is required. We are Fully licensed & insured.

✣ Missing Persons & Witness Locates Specialist

 We are Certified Missing  Persons Investigators!

Are you looking for someone such as a runaway child, deadbeat dad, birth parent, family member, missing heirs, missing stockholders, missing policy holders, loan skips, prospect lists, or even a long lost high school or college friend? Hyatt Investigations, LLC can help you find this person. Hyatt Investigations, LLC has the experience, certifications, resources, and time to get the job done in a timely fashion. Hyatt Investigations, LLC is fully licensed and insured, and we have been in busines since 1979. Our Certified Missing Persons Investigators (CMPI) employ a variety of techniques to find your missing person including: Interviews, Surveillance, Pretexts, Professional Networking, and Database Searches. Please Call Us Today!

Do you need to Locate a particular Witness?

Do you need to Canvass a neighborhood for Witnesses?

At Hyatt Investigations, LLC we are frequently called upon to help Locate Witnesses, determine their version of the facts, and continue to help coordinate their involvement. Whether you know who they are or need to determine if they exist, our limitless resources and expert Investigators can help you determine a strategy and plan of action to Locate a Witness in preparation for your litigation. Canvassing for Witnesses whether you have a Personal Injury, Workers Comp, or Disability case or an unclear account of what the facts are we can develop a cost effective and efficient plan to locate any witness that may have vital information to your case.

✣ Polygraph Services

✣ Mystery Shopping Services

✣ Repossessions

✣ Semen & Vaginal Fluid Detection

Suspicion of infidelity?

Is your teenager sexually active?

Involved in a custody battle, and suspect drug use?

DON'T BECOME A VICTIM OF INTERNET FRAUD BY RELYING ON THE RESULTS OF A HOME TESTING KIT! Hyatt Investigations, LLC uses an accredited AABB lab that adheres to all the norms and procedures that assure the validity and recognition of the DNA test in a court of law ensuring your peace of mind. Upon scheduling an appointment with Hyatt Investigations LLC, our professional collectors will collect your DNA samples, and properly package and ship your specimens to our laboratory for testing. Clients may also submit articles of clothing, or other items thought to contain semen in paper bags only. These articles are then submitted to our laboratory to determine whether semen is present. Should the submitted item test positive for the presence of seminal fluid, a DNA Detection and Infidelity Test can then be performed. The DNA testing we do is accurate, reliable, and strictly confidential. Get your peace of mind by knowing all the facts, so you can take the next step in your life. We also provide accurate DNA Paternity testing which is AABB accredited and legally admissive in court, and Drug and Drug paraphernalia Testing.

Sample Collection Procedure: It is very important not to store the sample in a plastic bag. Allow the sample to dry naturally. If you will not be sending the sample for a few days, please freeze it. Household freezers are not recommended for long term storage over 3 months. Always mail the sample in a paper envelope by overnight courier when possible.

✣ Under Cover Agents

✣ Witness Statements

We do not take walk-ins must have an Appointment only!


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