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Hyatt Investigations & Process Service, LLC has been helping attorneys throughout Louisiana and Texas since 1979, and has provided process serving to the legal, medical, technical, environmental and construction communities as well as process serving needs nationwide through our extensive and time proven network of process servers. We offer a full line of litigation support services to our clients with the ability to handle any rush assignments, same day, next day routine, walk thru's or fax filing services. Our Staff is highly experienced with the legal system in Louisiana and Texas and is ready to get the job done.

 What Is Process Serving?

Process serving is part of the United States legal system's Due Process of Law, in which an accused person has the right to present a defense. Process serving is the act of delivering notifications, summons and other relevant paperwork to those who are involved in a court matter. Specific laws and guidelines cover process serving in each state, but in general the paperwork must be hand delivered to the relevant party. This process helps to protect the rights of all involved.

 What is Involved in Process Serving?

If things go well, the process server can simply visit the party's home or business and hand deliver the relevant paperwork. In actual practice, however, the job is normally much more difficult.

First, the defendant must be found. In many cases, the person's last known address is not his or her current address. Skip tracing, the act of locating someone who may not want to be found, can be time consuming and difficult.

Next, the paperwork must be delivered. While many parties are respectful of the legal system and will accept the paperwork without protest, this is never guaranteed. Some would-be recipients have an almost textbook knowledge of the laws surrounding process serving, and will try their best to avoid being served. It is critical that the process server have at least as much legal knowledge of the system as does the would-be recipient. Remember, if the papers are served incorrectly, the entire case may be thrown out on a technicality.

Our "Private Process Servers" are renowned nation-wide for getting the documents served in a timely manner. We specialize in very fast, efficient and courteous process service. What sets our "Private Process Servers" apart from other Agencies:

 Quality and timely service

 Utilization of the latest technology available in the field

 Related Services, such as skip trace, property inspection,

      photography, etc.

 Network with other trusted servers across the country

 Celebrating 30 years in business

 Trained professional staff

 Licensed, certified and insured TX & LA Process Servers

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